Bebe Nacre Natural Breastfeeding Shells© 

Natural Nourishment and Protection for Nipples During Breastfeeding


For 10 years we have been producing natural breastfeeding shells with love and precision.

Our natural shells help women have a pleasant and comfortable breastfeeding experience.

We are proud to be at the origin of the introduction of this old Scandinavian tradition in France and all over the world.


Renata Rizck, founder of BEBE NACRE (which means Baby Mother of Pearl)



Breast milk has excellent hydrating, healing and anti-inflamatory properties that allow cracked nipples to heal quickly.

The Shells protect irritated nipples from rubbing on bras, easing any sensitivity or pain you may have.

They can be used to maintain the nipples permanently hydrated in order to prevent eventual cracks.

They can collect small amounts of leaked milk and avoid clothes getting wet. It is possible to use breast pads on top of the shells in case of abundant leakage.

The ergonomic shape of the shells fits the areola and does not press the mammary glands. They do not stimulate milk production outside the natural moments of milk flow. They do not provoke breast engorgement.

Women appreciate the softness and coolness of the shells.

Keep in mind that the position of the baby is very important to the success of breastfeeding.



Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and when they become sore, it can cause great discomfort.

Breastfeeding Shells maintains the areola and the nipples in contact with colostrum and breast milk.

According to the Moist Wound Healing Method nipple lesions and cracks can be healed easier thanks to the virtues of the breast milk itself (specially the milk from the end of a feed which is richer). It’s moisturizing properties soothe nipples, accelerate healing and avoid chapping and the formation of crusts.

You can find more detailed information on moist wound healing on La Leache League’s website.

and in Your Guide to Breastfeeding .


The use of shells during breastfeeding is an old Scandinavian tradition for nipple nourishment and protection. The breastfeeding shells also provide you a feeling of beauty.

BEBE NACRE Breastfeeding Shells are carefully selected, calibrated and hand polished in our workshop in France.



Finding the right positioning of the baby during feeding is the best way to prevent pain and cracks.

If you feel pain and find some difficulty, you may need help. You can contact your midwife or a lactation consultant, who are credentialed breastfeeding professionals with the highest level of knowledge and skill in breastfeeding support. They can help you to find a pleasant body dialogue with your baby.

You can start contacting : La Leche League or The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners



After each feed generously spread a few drops of your breast milk all over the nipple and place the shell on top, inside your bra.

It is possible to wear breast pads on top of the shells in case of leakage.

Wash the shells regularly with soap and hot water.

If you suspect your nipple is infected talk to your health care provider.



Your experience using the BEBE NACRE breastfeeding Shells is precious and might interest other mothers. You can tell us your story by sending us an email at or directly on our Facebook.

Send us good news about your baby, we will love to hear it.

You baby milk shell - shell baby shell and milk - milk and shell - baby and shell - breast and shell - breast - milk - baby - milk - shell - baby - the poetry of breasfeeding is yours to invent.



The breastfeeding shells are an all natural, environmentally friendly and reusable product.



We recommend you to choose a size that will cover the whole diameter of your areola.

Small: shell size up to 5,5cm

Medium : shells from 5,5cm up to 6,0cm.

Large : shells above 6 cm.

Custom sized : you will send us a message with your dimensions. 


We also propose breastfeeding shells « made to order » so as to respond to specific needs: inverted nipple, very pronounced nipple, very large areola.

If you would like a pair of breastfeeding shells « made to order » please contact us on our contact page.

The price of a pair of breastfeeding shells « made to order » is the same.


The Quality of BEBE NACRE Breastfeeding Shells

We have been proposing high quality breastfeeding shells for 10 years.

We carefully inspect the meticulous finish of our shells in order to provide you comfort and security.

Each pair of our shells is carefully prepared by hand in our workshop in France before being packed. We also produce our own packaging.

If a breastfeeding shell doesn't suit you for any reason, we will exchange it for free.


Offer BEBE NACRE Breastfeeding Shells as a gift 

If you would like to offer a pair of breastfeeding shells as a gift, we have created a special gift wrap and we can handwrite your personal message. This option is charged 1,50 Euro.

If you hesitate choosing the size of shell to offer, we suggest that you choose the medium size. The person can contact us if she needs to change the size of the shell.


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